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PeneTruck-II CPT Crawler

◆ Steel tracks, full-hydraulic drive, gradeability 30°, suitable for harsh construction environments. ◆ Enclosed compartment, equipped with air-conditioning and lighting, 5kW power output is provided, and all-weather operation can be realized. ◆ Full-hydraulic four-point support leveling system, with a maximum leveling capacity of 20° and the support force no less than 20t. ◆ Four-point counterforce ground anchor system, hydraulic anchoring mode, providing maximum penetration counterforce of 12t. ◆ Hydraulic cylinder penetration: double hydraulic cylinder penetration, penetration force 10~20t, penetration speed is continuous and adjustable. ◆ High-precision data acquisition: data acquisition instruments GOLOG of A.P. van den Berg and Peneloger of Peneson are optional. ◆ Compatible with international standard cones (5, 10, 15, 20cm²) and resistivity, temperature, inclination, and other cones. ◆ High-strength integral rod, with comprehensive strength of more than 800MPa, is not easy to break during deep penetration. ◆ Compatible with CPT, vane plate, flat dilatometer, inclination, and other in-situ testing of the field survey construction.

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PeneTruck-II CPT Crawler

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