Project Case Details

Underwater CPT Investigation for Shanghai-Nantong Railway Yangtze River Bridge

Shanghai-Nantong Yangtze River Bridge No.28 open caisson foundation is 86.9 meters long, 58.7 meters wide, and 105 meters high, with a total area of 5151 square meters and a total weight of 300,000 tons, which is equivalent to the size of 12 basketball courts and the height of a 35-story building. It is the world’s largest open caisson foundation for dual purposes. Our company has completed the geological investigation with our CPT equipment, with the deepest water level of the testing point deeper than 100m. The data acquired has accurately derived the soil stratification and related mechanical parameters of the corresponding position. The equipment itself, the construction process and the submission of the data report have been highly affirmed by the client company.