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Cone Penetration Testing(CPT)

PeneTruck-I CPT Truck

◆ General truck chassis, suitable for traveling on the road, as well as in the field and construction site which are relatively smooth. ◆ Enclosed compartment with integrated CPT, air-conditioning, lighting, and other systems that can realize all-weather operation. ◆ Double power system, truck moving and CPT operation are completely independent, reducing energy consumption and prolonging service life. ◆ Full hydraulic three-point support leveling system, the maximum leveling capacity is 30°, and the support force is larger than the deadweight. ◆ Full hydraulic three-point counterforce ground anchor system with hydraulic automatic anchoring mode provides a maximum anchoring counterforce of 12t. ◆ Reversing image and borehole image are provided to observe the truck traveling and CPT operation, so as to ensure safety. ◆ Double hydraulic cylinders penetration mode, penetration force 80~250kN, in line with most of the domestic and international standards. ◆ High-precision data acquisition, compatible with PeneLoger and many other data acquisition instruments at home and abroad. ◆ Compatible with international standard cones (5cm², 10cm², 15cm², 20cm²) and resistivity, temperature, tilt, and other types of cones. ◆ High-strength monolithic probe rod with a comprehensive strength of more than 800MPa ensures that the rod in deep-water penetration is not easy to be broken. ◆ Compatible with vane plate, flat dilatometer, inclination, and other in-situ testing of the field survey construction.

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